MeAltered1O.N.E. is the acronym for One Never Ends, the adopted name of Alan Bush, a music producer born in northern California but raised in a small town on Cape Cod. Travels from Mass back to Los Angeles then to Long Beach, CA eventually led to a chain of events that piqued interest in music production. Starting with a sound module, a small MIDI keyboard and software, he eventually developed a signature sound that spans across many genres.

O.N.E.’s music is an eclectic blend of classical, hip-hop, rock and electronica influences. He’s worked with various underground hip-hop artists and is featured on a few mix tapes across the globe. He has also part of the production duo The Blaklight Movement (as Twilight) in a collaboration with cousin and fellow producer Agent Blak on a project known as Sound Gravity.

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Agency: W.A.V.E. ONE

Email: oneneverends@gmail.com

The artist

Nationality: United States

Resident in: San Diego